Disney On the Farm (Touch and Feel)

Babies love books! Right? Well, Goober seems to think so. If he were to have a “Favorite Book” it would be “On the Farm (Touch and Feel)”

Here’s his thoughts on this Book.

This book is great to hold when sitting, but hard to hold if you’re crawling. Carrying it in mouth is too heavy, so best bet is to put your feet on it, and drag it around with your upper body strength. The sheep on the cover is the best part. I pet it and go “o0o”. The duck feels weird. I do not like the duck. The rest of the animals are ok, but not as good as the sheep.

7/10 Would definitely eat, but not a “snack and go” book.


Mama’s Review

Goober is right. He really loves the sheep(which is fuzzy wool-ish type fabric). He’s not a fan of the duck(very fine felt material), we don’t know why. This is the book I catch in Goober’s mouth most often, so they’re has got to be -something about it. It’s boring, like most board books are, but it’s quite durable.

7/10 also. Boring, but short, and fun to watch baby’s reactions to the touch-parts. Mickey and his friends also make this great. They’re identifiable which keeps baby’s attention better than most cartoon board books.

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