Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex

As much as we love “Goodnight Moon” our family is a bit offbeat (you’ll definitely come to notice this as we continue this journey). As such, one of our favorites is “Goodnight Goon” by Michael Rex.

Here are Goober’s thoughts:

This is a fun board book. Turning the pages is super easy, and really satisfying. This book is very tasty and licking it makes me laugh. I always open to the page that says “a skull, and a shoe, and a pot of goo,” and that sounds funny when Guppy and Mama read it to me, I like to throw it on their feet so they know they’re supposed to read it.

8 out of 10. Definitely tasty, but I only like hearing a few pages at a time.


Mama says:

This is a fun Halloween-themed book that we read all the time. The rhymes are adorably gothic and dark. Guppy loves to read this to Goober, and he loves to hear all the funny rhymes. Since it’s so different than normal children’s books, we love it, it’s not boring and cutesy. There are martians taking over the moon, and moans and groans. Super cool. The board is pretty durable as well. Goober throws it around and pulls on it, but it’s still in tact.

9 out of 10. Cute, funny book. Great for non-traditional families who have a dark/gothic streak.

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