Magic Treehouse 2: Knights at Dawn

A series that Bookwyrm Mama read when she was little, and now Guppy is taking on the series loved by so many. See what she thought about the second book, “Knights at Dawn”

Book Title, Author, and Illustrator:
Knights at Dawn by Mary Pope Osborn

What is the book about?
Kids go back in time because of a magic treehouse, and get chased by the king’s guard.

Who are the characters and what do they do?
Jack, Annie, the Black Knight, The Red Knight. They Explore a castle, and get help from a knight.

Is this better for a kid younger than you, a kid your age (8), or a kid older than you?
My age

What was the lesson you learned from the book?
Books can be MAGICAL!

* * * * *


Mama’s thoughts:
I loved these books when I was a kid, and Guppy seems to really enjoy them. She finishes them quickly (This one was a single day of reading). And being a “Ren-Faire/LARP family” she loved the medieval theme of it. The background plot (Merlin/Morgan LeFay) is a bit of a let down, nothing like the source material it hails from, but that’s easy to ignore. (Probably because she also reads various Camelot stories, so she gets that the stories are way different)

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