Super Heart Hero By Samantha Kelly

It’s always hard to find books to help my kids understand the lot they were dealt in life. (Hypothetically of course for Goober, because he doesn’t really understand much to begin with). We have also brought Goober to Guppy’s classes the past few years, to read them a book about his heart. I seriously wish I had found this book earlier. Let’s see if Goober likes it as much as I do.
Goober’s thoughts:

These pages are much more flimsy than my usual books, and this confuses me. I’m not sure how to deal with these wavy papers in my book. I like looking at the pictures and going “o0o”. This book makes Mama cry sometimes, but I like hearing her say the words. I put my fingers in her mouth while she reads to me, and it makes me laugh. When she cries, I lick her face, and that makes her feel much better. Mama tells me the kid in this book is “Just like me” a lot. So I must be a superhero. That’s a big responsibility. This book is not good for eating. The pages are flimsy, and the cover is heavy.

7/10 Only good for listening. Not a snacking book. Pages rip easily, so mama doesn’t let me throw it around.

Mama’s Thoughts:
We had initially bought the book Zipline, by David Humphries to help Guppy and her classmates understand Goober and his condition, but it focused on the scar left by surgery and was definitely more for younger kids. Super Heart Hero is well written, well illustrated, and perfect for older kids and younger kids alike. Super Heart Hero not only mentions the zipper scar, but also touches on the hospital stay, and gets a bit more emotional about the entire CHD process.


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