Night-Night, New Jersey by: Katherine Sulley

We’re huge fans of “Goodnight Goon” and “Goodnight Moon” and maybe more than a little obsessed with all things “New Jersey” so this book is absolutely perfect for us! Keep reading to see how much Goober loved “Night-Night, New Jersey”

Goober Says:
“Night-Night New Jersey” is fun! There are pictures of places Guppy and I go with Mama and Gamma, like Holmdel Park and Turtleback Zoo. It’s a little heavy, but not as heavy as my Touch and Feel Book. There are dinosaurs in it, when I get to those pages, I say “RAAWR”. I like to chew on the cover, and turn the pages as fast as I can. Very fun.

8/10 Fun AND Delicious! RAAWR


Mama Says:
I love anything identifiable. Goober has a “Jersey Boy” bib, and we’re big fans of day trips to NJ staples (Popcorn Park Zoo, Adventure Aquarium, Lucy the Elephant etc). When my Mom gave us this book, I was instantly excited, and I -LOVE- watching Goober open the pages and play with the book. He mostly noms on the cover, so there’s little teeth marks on it, but not nearly as many as you would think. It’s a pretty durable board book, which is great for our active, destructive Goober.


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