Do Pirates Take Baths By: Kathy Tucker

Today was a themed day in the Bookwyrm Family! We went to Wildwood and took a Pirate Cruise with Dark Star Pirate Cruises! It was a great experience, and we highly recommend it! To go with our Pirate Cruise, we read “Do Pirates Take Baths” by Kathy Tucker. See what Goober and Mama though of it!

Goober Says:
This is another one of those flimsy books with rippy pages. Not good for eating, because they get stuck in your mouth and taste icky. Guppy likes to read this book, and she’s REALLY good at making it fun to listen to. Its a light book, but not good for nomming.

6 out of 10
This is a very good throwing book, but the pages stick to your tongue.

Mama Says:
This is more like a collection of super short pirate themed poems and less of a story with a follow-able plot. They’re funny and short, and both kids love to listen to them. Totally recommend this for kids and families, especially little pirates (but also landlubbers)!

7 out of 10
Great short poems, great for kids who tap out in the middle of stories due to short attention spans.

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