4th of July Round Up!

It’s 4th of July! What’s a better way to kill time at the beach or BBQ than a good America book? Nothing! Here’s a solid round up of some America books and kid gear for all ages! Contains affiliate links!


Goodnight America (9.95)
A cute board book with recognizable American landmarks!


Night Night America (9.99)
Another Katherine Sulley Masterpiece, we love “Night Night New Jersey” and this is the same style, same author.


Free To Be Me Outfit ($19)
Absolutely adorable tank and shorts set with a super cool looking flag.


Flag Converse ($45)
Who can say no to converse? And Baby Converse? Absolutely the cutest!


Mermaid in the USA Tee ($5.99 Target)
Mermaids are totally on trend, and this is perfect for the punmaster in your life.


Alexander Hamilton: From Orphan to Founding Father (Step into Reading) ($2.92)
Guppy is a huge fan of Alexander Hamilton (Probably because we won’t stop listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack) But she LOVES any book about Hamilton and the founding fathers!

Aaron and Alexander: The Most Famous Duel In American History ($7.45)
We picked this one up from one of Guppy’s book fairs. She loves books from history (Especially Revolutionary War) And this book really makes the A.Burr/A.Ham duel accessible to kids her age and younger. She refuses to stop talking about it!

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