Dragons Love Tacos By Adam Rubin

With colorful pages, and a funny title, our family was excited to read Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin. How did the story stack up to the title? Dragons may love tacos, but does Goober love this book?
Goober says:
Dragons are funny, and I LOVE saying RAWR whenever Mama and Guppy read this book to me. I love the way they use silly voices to describe what kind of tacos the dragons like. Especially when there’s salsa involved! We have a paperback book, though, so it’s super easy to rip, and it doesn’t land well if you throw it.

6/10 does not taste like tacos OR salsa.

Mama Says:
This is a good short book with engaging content for both kids. It was Guppy’s book before, and then she gave it to Goober. We love dragons in this house, and tacos, so it was a clear hit. If you enjoy doing funny voices, tons of tickling when reading to kids, this is a great book for that.

8/10 Cute and funny! Not gender specific, either. Any child who loves dragons and/or tacos will get a total kick out of this book.

Find it on amazon!
Dragons Love Tacos

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