Little White Rabbit By: Kevin Henkes

A simple board book about the power of imagination! Plus Bunnies! But did Goober appreciate the message? Or did he eat YET ANOTHER book? Check it out, after the break!

Goober Says:
This book has Bun-Pups! (Mama’s Note: all furry animals are pups. We’re lucky he tried to put the word Bun in front to differentiate!) I love the feel of the pages, and I try to pet the Bun-Pup on every single page. It’s a great book for throwing, and scooting around the carpet on!
7/10 It holds up well to being bitten, but there’s no fuzzy bits to kiss.

Mama Says:
What an AWESOME message and book. This was given to us by a friend who’s a librarian and Gifted/Talented Teacher, so we took her recommendation very seriously. We were definitely not disappointed. It’s adorable, and the pictures are great!
10/10 This book is awesome!

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Get it here!

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