Best Bookworm Crafts

Every once in a blue moon, I get the urge to be creative. I recently began planning my new “BookwyrmMama office and Library” so I’ve rounded up a few great book-themed DIY projects to help inspire me (and you!)

The first thing I’d like to mention is how much I HATE the idea of destroying books, BUT if the price of the book is right, and there’s an abundance of copies that don’t seem to be selling, I’m all for using that awesome page aesthetic. This being said, there are ALWAYS ways to get around tearing pages out of books for decorative gains. Many craft supply stores have scrapbook paper with the same design, and you can always print pictures of book pages off line on your home printer. (This is what I do when I want to include illustrations of my favorite kids books) Now! onto the projects!

Make a Secret Book Box (sorry, there’s no real way to not destroy a book with this one. I’d suggest getting cheap old looking books with outdated information in them for this project.)

Decoupage some Wall Art for your library (This is a great project to print out some children’s book pages/characters for. You can use all the same author, or pick a few of your favorites!)

Cover old canisters and boxes with book pages. (This would be a good project to use those book-like scrapbooking pages if you didn’t want to use real books!)

Drape a ruffled book page garland over your mantle or a tall book case (again, great for scrapbooking paper, or printed sheets if you’re not into taking apart your books)


During the writing of this post, I’ve ALREADY started decoupaging a side table, and have plans to do the same with an old trunk in my possession! This library is going to be GREAT! Happy crafting, bookworms!

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