The Shadow & The Star by: Kathrin Honesta & Ong Kay Jen

This is the first book review we’ve done for a book we were sent! We received a digital copy of this lovely story, and absolutely can’t wait to share with you the story of “The Shadow and the Star” by: Kathrin Honesta & Ong Kay Jen
BONUS: You get a Guppy Rating!
Goober Says:
I sat on mama’s lap at her computer to listen to this story. She pointed out all the pictures and words. I said “ooo” a lot. The shadow looks like a pup (Mama’s Note: anything decidedly not a human, Goober calls a “pup” the shadow is a lovely illustration of a unique creature, definitely not a dog) I sat much quieter for this book than I usually do, and was very entranced by the illustrations. I could not eat this book, so mama gave me some milk to drink.
7/10- Can not give accurate rating on taste. Book was fun to listen to, though!

Guppy Says:
I really liked how this story was told from the shadow’s point of view! The pictures were really pretty, and I liked how well the other shadows were drawn. My favorite part was the end, and how the shadow isn’t scared of the lights anymore.
4/5 This book was really pretty to read!

Mama says:
I loved reading this book to Goober, and hearing Guppy read it aloud. It was very poetic, and written in such a way that Guppy had to think and infer. Guppy was surprised to be able to relate to the shadow, and it was wonderful to see quite a few different emotions and personality traits from the shadow. It was a little dark, and a little bit sad at times, which made the end feel well deserved. I absolutely LOVED the illustrations. They were beautiful, and a little goth (which went well with the theme of the story, and I’m always a fan of  “a little bit goth”). All in all, I would absolutely recommend this book to early readers, and adults alike, especially fans of The Ghastlycrumb Tinies, and Spiderina Ballerina, who are looking to expand their libraries.
8/10 A wonderful book that my whole family enjoyed. (though, let’s face it, Goober really loves milk and banging the keys on the laptop.)

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