The Best Costumes to Buy for Book Lovers

When it comes to holidays, we LOVE Halloween the best! We love candy, spooky chilly nights, Hocus Pocus (and other movies) and our favorite part is dressing up.  Last year, Guppy trick-or-treated as Rey from the new Star Wars movies. We dressed Goober up in a home-made BB-8 costume. Because of this, we’ll be posting not one, but TWO costume round ups! This one is all book characters you can buy from Amazon (using my affiliate links) our next batch will be costumes you can make at home! Let’s get to the disguises!

Hogwarts Students

Do you know what would be the perfect costume this Halloween? Being that Hermione Granger….or one of her friends, Ron and Harry. What a wonderful way to appreciate reading, and since there’s usually a Harry Potter Marathon on ABC during October, it’s nice and relevant all the time!

The Wizard of Oz Gang


Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda, grab a basket, put a stuffed dog in it, and hit the Emerald City for some treats.
Perfect for families who want to dress up together!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar
You won’t believe how adorable this costume is! Perfect for a newborn who loves to eat!

Where the Wild Things Are
Max is Goober’s Halloween outfit this year, but there’s also a WILD THING costume that’s just TOO CUTE. Let the wild rumpus start in these awesome outfits. Absolutely necessary for your child(ren)!

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