The Little Mouse’s Tail

An old Persian “tail”(:D) brought into English and illustrated by Ardi Alemi, rewritten and rhymed by Charlotte and Russell Wanhill, “The Little Mouse’s Tail” is a rhyming fetch quest through an unnamed village in Iran where the Mouse meets characters like a tailor, yarn spinner, cat, dog, and others in order to reattach her tail! Kids can learn sequence as well as cause and effect from this story, and the rhymes keep it engaging and fun! Click below to see how Goober and Mama liked “The Little Mouse’s Tail”

Goober Says:
This is another computer book!!! I love computer books, because Mama gives me snacks to eat so I don’t taste the screen. I loved hearing about the mouse from my Mama. She made a little squeaky voice whenever the mouse talked, and I thought that was SO funny! The mouse liked to sweep with a broom, and I LOVE sweeping with my broom, too (Mama’s note: Goober got very excited when he saw the Mouse’s Broom. He’s a fan of sweeping)
Goober’s Rating:
7/10 I really loved to listen to this book, and Mama gave me popcorn for my book snack. Delicious!

Mama Says:
I really enjoyed reading this book to Goober. There are a few big words in there, for rhyme’s sake, which I actually LOVE because I tend to use large words around my kids anyway. The lesson at the end of the book is quite unique, and REALLY awesome: When something doesn’t happen the way you want it to, instead of forcing it, you must find another way to achieve your goal!
8/10 Great Message, and wonderful illustrations!

Here’s where you can nab “The Little Mouse’s Tail” for yourself:
e-book available on Amazon:
hardcover book can be bought online, either via
or their website

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