DIY Halloween Costume Round Up!

Earlier we showed you where to buy costumes based on book characters, now let me show you some great tutorials on how to make your own!

Mary Poppins
If you want a little taste of being “Practically Perfect in Every Way” this is the perfect outfit for you. Check it out on The Homeschool Collective

A Mandrake
In Herbology, Professor Sprout taught her students to care for mandrakes! If you can crochet, use this pattern from Whistle and Ivy to make a leafy hat for your baby, and tote them around in a flower pot! Too cute!

Alice in Wonderland
Use Melly Sews pattern to create an adorable Alice in Wonderland outfit for your imaginative reader!

Laura Ingalls
Channel your inner Ingalls with this awesome tutorial and pattern from Jamie Sanders.

The Knights of the Round Table
Whether your little reader is Lancelot, Gawain, or King Arthur himself, this simple tabard from Handmade by Rianna will top off their look. Just add a grail and a sword, and you’re set!

Peter Pan
Second to the right and straight on to Neverland are directions that only Peter Pan understood. Now your reader can get a little bit of a hint with this outfit from Staying Steyn. Don’t forget the pixie dust!

Don’t forget to let us know what your readers will be for Halloween!

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