The Berry Patch by: Elise Monsour Puckett

You know my family! We’re suckers for classic illustrations and magical adventures! That’s why Mama loved The Berry Patch SO much! Click below to see how Goober thought of it!
Goober Says:
Oh man, I always love when Mama reads me a new book! I got to meet Scout and Kit, and go on a magical garden adventure with them! I loved pointing to the  mouse and saying “MMMMMMM” when Mama told me how to say “Mouse”! The talking mouse taught us not to eat berries that are growing outside without Mama saying it’s ok. (That’s a lesson Mama says I need to learn QUICK because I look to eat leaves and plants that we grow in our garden, and gardens are not the same as things growing wild! The front was fun to lick and give kisses to, too!
9 out of 10! I dunno if it tasted like berries, but this book was FUN to lick. (Mama’s note: I think it was the glossy cover!)

Mama Says:
This is a wonderful book that teaches an important lesson in a really smart, and fun way. The illustrations are beautiful, and I absolutely would consider hanging prints of them up on my wall, they would fit right in with the Beatrix potter prints I have that still need to be hung up! I’m a bit of a sucker for talking rodents, so I may be a LITTLE biased!
9 out of 10: Beautifully written and gorgeous illustrations. Very captivating!

Buy it HERE (do it now! I’m sure there’s a kid on your holiday shopping list who would LOVE it!)

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