Best Reading Teacher Gifts (that aren’t a #1 Teacher Mug)

I know a LOT of teachers, of all different grades. And let me tell you how many of the SAME teacher gifts they have. (Mugs, Tumblers, Pictures of Students, Picture Frames, Apple Statues, you get the picture) But if you REALLY want to show your appreciation for your kid’s teacher, why not get them something unique and useful. (You really only need like…4 mugs, and that’s being generous. Seriously, everyone, STOP WITH THE MUGS ALREADY!) Here is the BookwyrmMama list of better Teacher gifts!

teacher gifts

This post contains affiliate links, but that doesn’t affect my opinion about these awesome products!

Looking for an English, Literature, or a Teacher that just LOVES books? Here’s a great option that they can wear to school ALL year! This Infinity Scarf is awesome and unique!



How about something fun they can put in all of their mugs! Some book-themed tea, that can be iced for the summer, or enjoyed hot with their favorite book in the fall and winter!


What about a recipe book based on a classic author! This cookbook has recipes inspired by the letters and novels of Jane Austen, this is a great idea!


Have a teacher that loves board and card games? This game is a GREAT gift! It’s simple to play, and a LOT of fun!


This gift does double-duty! It’s a bookmark AND a bullet journal (very trendy!) A great option for those lazy afternoons when they want to remember a favorite quote from the book they’re reading OR the busy ones when they’re doing twelve things at once!



But honestly? Your best bet is a gift card and a heartfelt note. Let them relax, not have something big to store, and remind them how much their love for your students was appreciated.
Some solid gift card ideas: StarbucksColdstone, Amazon, Krispy Kreme, and anywhere they may stop in for an indulgent snack or drink!

Don’t forget a fun card! I personally like these: Book Spine Cards, Card Catalogue Note Cards, Animal Selfies, and Chalkboard Cards.

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