Review: Jameon’s Closet: Shauna Havlina M.S., LMFT; Leanne Richter M.A. LMFT

Feelings are a big part of growing up, and sometimes it can be hard for our kids to unpack those feelings into productive conversation. Jameon’s Closet by Shauna Havlina M.S., LMFT and Leanne Richter M.A. LMFT shows us a solid metaphor, and a great way to help our kids deal with their big feelings!


Goober says:
I’ve grown up a LOT since Mama started reading me books. Now I listen, and can grasp some concepts using her tone, and the pictures. The closet reminds me of Guppy, because Mama is FOREVER telling her to clean her room, and then FOREVER telling her not to hide the things in her room. Guppy gets very upset when Mama makes her clean her whole room. Jameon starts to clean up his room little by little, and it makes him feel a lot better. Jameon’s closet talks about feelings, too.  Sometimes, I have a lot of big feelings, too, and Mama or Daddy, or Gramma has to help me feel better.

Goober’s Rating: 8/10 was not allowed to taste book…YET. Will update rating when I do

Mama Says:
This book is a great tool to help kids acknowledge their feelings. There’s a bit of confusion in the metaphor when Jameon’s Grandma asks a counselor (Jon) to help Jameon clean out his literal closet, but it rebuilds when the narrative begins to talk about expression of feelings. The authors are licensed Marriage and Family therapists, and that is evident from the compassionate way they explain the closet metaphor. In terms of diverse characters, Jameon’s Closet is great. Jameon is a little boy of color, whose primary guardian is his grandmother. I’ll be keeping this book out of reach, so that it will survive Goober’s destructive early years, and we can use it to help him with his feelings.

Mama’s Rating: 8/10 Metaphor was a bit slow to grasp, but once it was there, it was understandable and meaningful. This is a story that needs to be told.

get the book here!
We got Jameon’s Closet from the Diverse Book Box!

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