Dream a Rainbow- By Carlotta Penn

Have you ever heard of the term “Rainbow Baby?” A child born after a miscarriage, or loss of an older sibling is often referred to as a Rainbow Baby. Thousands of parents suffer the heartache of a lost pregnancy or child every day. “Dream a Rainbow” is dedicated to author, Carlotta Penn’s own Rainbow Baby. See how Goober and Mama felt about such a bittersweet theme (Goober is a Rainbow Baby himself).

Goober had belly giggles when looking at these illustrations! Super Cute!

Goober Says:
There are SO many colors in this book! I had a really great time turning the pages, and the words are even colored, too! Some parts of the story rhyme, and I love to try to repeat the rhyming sounds! I liked reading this book so much, I forgot to try to eat it. I hope you guys will understand!

8/10 I cried when Mama tried to take this book from me!

Mama Says:
This book is a really subtle and beautiful way to introduce the concept of pregnancy loss to children. It’s not a “smack you in the face with truth” book, it’s a rolling metaphor. The words slide down the pages, and words are typed in their corresponding colors, so it’s also a wonderful learning experience.

8/10 All in All, very unique, gorgeous illustrations by Joelle Avalino, and a tender subject with beautiful metaphor.

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One thought on “Dream a Rainbow- By Carlotta Penn

  1. Frances Perryman

    I bought this book for my two-year-old granddaughter it is one of her favorites she has some of the words memorized! This book too touched my heart… Even though I didn’t have a rainbow baby I did suffer loss of babies after having three healthy children that too was heartbreaking and painful. A great book that should be in the libraries of all young children!

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