Happee Birthdae Harry! Cupcakes

Well, my second favorite holiday is here! Harry Potter’s Birthday! So as we get the chance to wish the boy who lived one more happy birthday, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do another book-themed recipe! So without further ado, or long winded back story about how important this recipe is to me, I give you…Butterbeer Cupcakes!

This post may contain affiliate links! I make money if you buy the products I used and recommend, but feel free to use whatever ingredients you’re comfortable with. They’ll be delicious either way!

Fun fact! I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. And I mean HUGE. My husband and I got married on the farm of one of our quidditch team members. We got married in front of a HUGE set of quidditch hoops. My necklace was quidditch themed, and my step daughter (our ring bearer) carried the rings in a copy of the “Chamber of Secrets”. Our readings were kept in a copy of “Tales of Beedle The Bard” (though, our readings were from LOTR and Letters to Beatrice respectively). Additionally, I made our wedding cake. And one of the 3 layers was this simple, and delicious Butterbeer Cake Recipe.

A box of Yellow Cake Mix
A box of Butterscotch Pudding
Your favorite icing. Keep about 1/4c of the icing to the side
Red Food Dye
Green Food Dye

Prepare the box of Yellow Cake Mix as directed. (I tend to substitute applesauce for eggs. If you’d like to do so, use 1/4c applesauce for every 1 egg the recipe calls for. Fun fact: If your recipe calls for 3 eggs, you can use 2 applesauce cups and that will work!)

Add the packet of Butterscotch Pudding powder directly to the cake mix and incorporate it completely.

Bake as directed.

Let Cool Completely. (Otherwise, your icing will slide ALL over)

Dye the majority of your icing pink, and ice the top and sides of your cake in pink.

Using a pastry bag, and #3 or #4 writing tip, write “Happee Birthdae Harry” on the cake. Make sure to put in Hagrid’s signature crack in the icing! (I did NOT have a decorator tip for my pictures, so I cut a small hole in the tip of a pastry bag, that’s why the letters look so flat!)

I know, I know. Purists will say that Harry’s Birthday cake was actually a CHOCOLATE cake. But as you can see from my wedding overview, I’m of the opinion that the more references you have, the better! So make whatever cake you want, and celebrate with a Harry Potter Marathon! (Let’s face it…. no matter when you read this post, there’s probably a HP marathon on ABC Family!)

Let us know in the comments which book is YOUR favorite!

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