Making a Library Book Bag!

2018 is a monumental year for Guppy! This past June she finished 3rd grade at her elementary school, and will be starting 4th at the middle school in september. When we were doing our summer “purge” of clothing, to get ready for school shopping, we came across her old elementary school t-shirt, and she was torn on what to do with it. She knew she wasn’t going to wear it anymore, but was still pretty hesitant to give it away, so we came up with making this bag as a compromise! It was an easy project for her to do, and now she has a bag to carry her books to and from the library (and, let’s face it, a bunch of other junk is going to go in it, too!)


This super easy bag is just what a sentimental kid like Guppy needs to keep a bit of the past with her while she moves into a new school, and new adventures. It’s super simple, great for a rainy day project or a quick “I’m Bored” end of summer craft. Here’s what you need:

An old Tshirt
A pair of scissors
A crayon/marker/pencil
A Ruler

What do do:

Lay out the Tshirt, and cut both sleeves off at the armpits

Then, cut the neckline off

Turn the shirt inside out, and using a ruler, mark strips along the bottom about .5″ apart (I did 1″ in the above photo, and they were a bit difficult to tie.

Cut the tshirt on the lines you just made. If you’d like the strips to hang down on the outside of the bag (like I did) Turn the shirt right side out again. If you’d like the bag’s bottom edge to be a clean line, keep the Tshirt inside out.

Tie the strips together, one front strip to the back strip right behind it. (If you’re worried about accidentally tying the wrong strips together you can tie as you go, I.E. Cut one set of strips out, tie them together, then move on to the next.)

And that’s it! Now you/your kid has a great and personal bag for storing all of their most necessary possessions (like rocks, painbrushes with no paint, stickers, pencils, toys, …oh, and books!)

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