Best Gifts For Kid Booklovers!

It’s surprisingly hard to buy for kids when “books” are their favorite things. I mean, besides “books” what do you get them? (To be fair, Books are still a GREAT gift!) Well, here is a list of some great book-themed gifts that aren’t more books. (Though, they’d go great WITH a book.)

gifts for book lovers

A Bookmark/Booklight/Reading Timer

Perfect for the bookwyrm who loves tech as well, this gadget is an amazing tool for kid book lovers. It’s a book mark, a book light, AND takes the effort out of book log keeping by being a reading timer as well! Also comes in a few different designs for all interests. Check out both the Disney and animal designs!
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Car Organizer
I know it may not seem fun or cool, but it’s totally useful, and if you fill it with some inexpensive gifts (like small toys and snacks) this car organizer is the perfect gift for a reader on the move.



Monster Tablet/Book Stand

This lap desk for reading is perfect for the car, couch, or anywhere else you can think of to read! It’s soft and cute, and sure to be a hit!


Book Themed Games

Bring Your Own Book” is a fun, hilarious game for book lovers of ALL ages (Well, ages 12 and up, but you get the drift)
eeBoo Fairytale Spinner Game” is “Pretty Pretty Princess” but for entire stories. Using the spinner, players collect elements of a story as they play!
61zjxdoi60l-_sl1000_ 71ysorlrbil-_sl1024_

A Book Pillowcase
Perfect for kids and adults, this pillowcase can store your books, journals and/or E-reader while you’re not reading!


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