DIY E-Reader Stand

Well, I can never have too many book themed decorations (especially if the book in question is Harry Potter!) and I really needed something to hold my Kindle Fire standing up while I was reading recipes, so I dug out some of my general crafting supplies and put together this SUPER cool one! Check out how I did it below!

diy e reader stand

When it comes to “items for display” I usually don’t participate. I’d love to say that I’m a minimalist, but I have a LOT of stuff. That being said, I don’t have many random items that are purely aesthetically interesting (though, the collection is growing since I started bookstagramming). When I place something out for display, I prefer that the item has a functional purpose, which unfortunately winds up excluding a lot of cool stuff.  Well, eventually I developed a need for some sort of stand for my Kindle Fire, so I could read recipes and whatnot, and instead of buying one, I decided to design and make one myself! Here’s what I did:

standI added some glitter glue after I took the “materials” picture

an Unfinished Wooden Frame (I got mine from Michaels, but you can get one here)
Hot Glue
A Postcard, Print, or Photo that fits in the frame. (I used one I bought from Universal, but I highly recommend this postcard coloring book. Its super fun, and really cute)
3 Wooden Skewers

What To Do:
1- Measure and cut the skewers to fit along the bottom of one of the small sides of the frame (you could also do the longer side, or both if you want to have some versatility)
2- Hot Glue the skewers together to make a shelf.
3- Paint the frame and top of the skewer shelf (Don’t forget the sides!!) Let Dry.
4- Hot Glue the Shelf in place. Use a lot of glue so your e-reader isn’t too heavy for the shelf you made.
5- Place your picture, print, or photo in the frame.

And you’re done! A super simple and awesome looking stand for your tablet or e-reader!

jojo and standGoober already loves it, he’s just reading my goodreads list at the moment.

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