Review: Children in our World- Racism and Intolerance by Louise Spitsbury and Hanane Kai

“Sometimes we hear words in the news and it’s hard to understand what they mean and how they affect us.” These are the words printed on the back of Children in our World: Racism and Intolerance, and they’re a sentiment that the BookwyrmMama household understands all to well.
It’s always difficult to have a discussion with your children about racism and intolerance. It’s never easy or simple to discuss injustices in our world, but the impact of having these conversations early and frequently impossible to ignore. Books like “Children in our World” could help ease into those hard to bring up discussions and make conversations a little bit easier.


Goober Says:
These pictures are very pretty. I see a lot of different kinds of kids and grown ups, and it’s fun to look at how different they all are. There are a lot of words on the pages, and sometimes it takes too much time to go to the next page, so I get a little frustrated.

3 out of 5: Mama won’t let me eat this book, and it was very long. There’s no rhymes or funny sounds either, but the pictures look very pretty.


Mama Says:
This is a wonderful book to have on hand for children a little older than Goober (who is 2.5 at the time of this post). Children who are able to hold conversations (even basic ones) will be engaged in the discussion style cadence of the book. Children in Our World asks simple questions (like “What is Racism” and “What Causes Prejudice”) and provides clear answers for readers at young ages. With a Glossary, List of More Resources, and Table of Contents, older readers could tackle this alone, but it’s an amazing resource to facilitate discussions with your children as you read together, and I highly recommend you do so. At the end of the book, there is a useful vocabulary list, as well as a list of books and websites to help continue your conversations about Racism and Injustice. All in all I think every family with children going into Kindergarten and Elementary School should pick up this book and have a solid discussion about the subject.

9 out of 10: Honestly, this is such an important book, and for kids who can have a discussion with you about the subject, this is the perfect introduction to a deep and meaningful conversation about Racism and Prejudice in our world.

Get the book Here!

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