Review: Jabulani, By: Jonathan J Stotler

A small glimpse into the life of a young boy in the Ndebele Tribe of the Republic of South Africa, the story of Jabulani teaches the very important lesson that sometimes, the smallest acts are the most important ones.

Jabulani review

Goober Says:

These pictures are fun to look at. There’s a lot going on in all of them, and every time I look at the page, there’s something new! They have a lot of bright colors, and some fun animals to look at, but there’s a lot of words on each page, and I got very distracted very easily.

3 out of 5: Smells like a new book (I like that) and the donkey and goats are cute!


Mama says:
This was a really interesting read for me, even as an adult. It’s another book meant for kids a little older than Goober, but I can’t wait to pull it off the shelf again and read it to him. Guppy had a great time listening to the story as well, and she’s reading at a 6th grade level, so you know the subject matter is unique and interesting. There’s a glossary at the end, that tells you exactly what some of the cultural terms are, although, context does a fabulous job of getting the points across. It’s not pretentious or condescending in it’s use of non-english words, so the flow of the story is enhanced by their usage. Jabulani’s week is interesting and full of consideration for others. Each of his small acts of kindness are recalled throughout the story, and really drives the point home that even if we’re not lauded for our efforts, they are still important and appreciated.

8 out of 10 Perfect for a group storytime, and a really fun and interesting read. There is a Christian undertone to the book, which does not completely present itself until the end.

Get the book Here!

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